We’re going to have regular interviews with pros, semi-pros and surfers who do it just for the stoke from the global surf community.

reef cuts
If this doesn’t get you frothing, nothing will..

We believe its important to put the information & general advice we provide into context.

We are extremely grateful to all riders who give their time to share their stories. Thank you.

Ben Player, 2 X World Bodyboarding Champion has kindly given a fascinating account of when he almost died from Dengue fever after a surf trip to Bali. Read it here.

Alan Stokes, 2X UK Pro Surfing champion gives a candid and interesting interview on how a damaged meniscus in his knee kept him out of the water for months and started to drag him into depression. He writes honesty about the experience and gives advice to others that may be as unfortunate. Read his interview here.

Russel Winter, previous British and European Surf champion and ASP WCT competitor is kindly answering questions on when he almost died from septicaemia after a reef cut became infected.

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