What do you do when you get sick or injured on a surf trip?

Try and get back in the water. Desperately. After all the hard work you’ve put into planning and earning cash for your trip you’re not up for running to a hospital at the first sign of trouble. And what if you DO go to see a Dr you’re told the best thing to do is stay dry?

Personal health on surf trips is something we all have an interest in, but the advice out there can be confusing.

GETSWELLSOON.COM is absolutely NOT a replacement for seeking medical advice. If you think you may need to see a doctor you should definately go. It is a non-profit site aimed at giving practical advice to water lovers.

Rather than less people going to see a doctor when they’re abroad, I actually hope it would make more.

This site is designed to try and educate people about the different hazards of injuries and illness encountered on surf trips. Simple methods of first aid and things to look out for that should get you heading for a hospital whether you like it or not.

The articles are all written by bodyboarders and surfers in the UK who love their jobs and their hobbies.

I’ve wanted to set up a site like this for years. Its going to take time to get it anywhere near where I want it. Please feel free to post criticisms, things you’d like to see discussed or even things you like!


Dave from the getswellsoon team

Fortunately the worst thing about most trips is just going home. Depression above the Maldives.